Digital has changed the way people buy financial services. And that means your bank or credit union must also change your marketing.

But change can be scary if you're not sure what to do next, especially if you're held back by legacy systems and thinking.

Over the last last 15 years as founder and CEO of CU Grow, I have learned to become comfortable with change. This journey started on a cool, February morning in 2002 when I quit my job waiting tables at a local Italian restaurant to start a web design company for banks and credit unions.

At the time, I was just a sophomore in college playing in a punk rock band. But reality struck when a girl told me that my band wasn't any good, and I should do something worthwhile with my life.

I knew things had to change because I wanted to impress this girl. So I sold my band equipment and started a journey into the great unknown because at the time, I had no web design experience or any idea about how to start and grow a company.

Working out of the bedroom I grew up in, I started helping local financial institutions build some of their very first websites. I was hooked and knew that I would spend the rest of my life helping banks and credit unions guide people towards a brighter financial future.

My hard work paid off as not only would I marry the girl who sparked my own personal change, but the company would also grow and continue to change over the years. And 15 years later, we've guided over 450 banks and credit unions in their digital growth journeys while helping thousands of other financial professionals through our articles, webinars, and speaking.

But this story is not about me.

I would not be writing this today it if it wasn't for you. 

Digital Commoditized "Great Rates" and "Amazing Service"

Money is one of the most stressful areas in life. And this stress takes a toll on our relationships, health, and overall sense of well-being.

Because of this situation, people are looking for someone to help guide them towards a brighter financial future. But only 8% of millennial consumers trust banks and credit unions for guidance (Facebook).

Financial institutions can no longer market and promote great rates, amazing service, and a list of commoditized product features. The future of digital growth belongs to financial institutions who build marketing systems that help first and sell second.

You must transform your marketing to become the helfpul guide in a person's financial narrative as you guide them beyond their questions and concerns and towards their hopes and dreams.

Going Beyond Technology

Traditionally, banks and credit unions have grown through the expansion of their physical branch network and broadcast marketing.

But technology has changed consumer behavoir. 

So you built a website, placed digital ads, and started a Facebook page. But you're website is nothing more than a glorified online brochure, your digital ads are like billboards, and your Facebook page provides no real value beyond likes and shares.

You’ve become frustrated because you're doing all this digital stuff but lack a comprehensive plan framed around the customer journey.

You're also overwhelmed thinking about what you should do next as you struggle to find the capability and capacity to transform your marketing and build a digital growth engine that targets, captures, nurtures, and converts qualified leads. 

The Path to a Brighter Future

Digital growth is a journey to transform your marketing and grow from good to great. We guide you through the four phases of the digital growth journey and hold you accountable to ensure you continue to make progress.

This journey begins as you break free from the confusion caused by legacy marketing systems and gain clarity about new digital growth opportunities.

Your new found clarity enables you to commit to grow from good to great as you uncover gaps in your marketing and know how to fix them with a plan that guides you along the way.

Finally, you implement your plan to transform your marketing as you confidently grow and maximize your digital growth potential.

You're the reason we are reaffirming our mission to simplify digital marketing as the Digital Growth Institute.

We will continue to help banks and credit unions grow from good to great through training, planning, and transformational marketing programs.

Working together, we’ll build marketing systems that guide consumers towards a brighter financial future. And as a result, you’ll feel more confident about your financial institution's future.

Growing Together

Over the last three years, I have listened to banks and credit unions share their biggest questions, concerns, and frustrations about digital marketing. They understand technology has changed the way consumers shop and buy financial services, but many just don't know what to do next.

Financial marketers feel overwhelmed thinking about what they should do next because 85% lack a plan that provides clarity. They also struggle to find the capability and capacity to transform their marketing beyond legacy systems and thinking.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I invite you to join us and continue to journey together as we continue our mission to simplify digital marketing to help banks and credit unions grow from good to great as the Digital Growth Institute.

Best regards,

James Robert Lay
Founder and CEO