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The problem is people no longer trust traditional financial brands like before.

As new competitors, built specifically for digital and mobile devices continue to enter the marketplace, there are now more options available than ever before for people to consider.

Furthermore, you have also watched branch traffic decline year over year and you understand your financial brand's future growth will not come from the branch like it did before. Up to this point you've dabbled in digital but you are not sure what to do next to maximize your digital growth potential. 

Finally, because traditional broadcast marketing tactics no longer work as well, you know you must go far beyond promoting the same great rates, amazing service, and commoditized product features like every other financial institution does. Your just not sure what steps you need to take to transform your marketing for a digital-first economy.

It also doesn't help financial brand marketing teams are misunderstood and undervalued.

You're tired of your financial brand's marketing team being wrongly labeled by others as a cost center, or worse, grown-up kids that play with paint and crayons all day long. You have so much more value to offer than just being viewed as a glorified in-house Kinkos that exist to take orders and serve the last-minute needs of others.

Like consumers and competition, your financial brand's marketing and sales teams must evolve. Both teams must come together to maximize your future digital growth potential as one cannot perform without the other. 

Stop dabbling in digital marketing and you will break free from the Cycle of Complexity.

Up to this point, you’ve done everything you know how to do as you’ve only dabbled in digital. You’ve built a mobile responsive, ADA compliant website, placed digital ads, sent some emails, and posted content on social media.

But you feel stuck right now because you’re not getting the leads, loans, and deposits you, or your CEO, had hoped for.

You are determined not to quit because you know there is a better path forward. But legacy systems and thinking put in place long before you got to where you are today threaten to hold you back.

We understand what it feels like to try to navigate your way through all of the complex changes happening around technology, consumers, and the competition. We know what it's like for financial marketing teams that are stuck in what we call a Cycle of Complexity as they feel:


"I feel frustrated because my marketing team is undervalued and viewed as nothing more than an in-house Kinkos."


"I'm confused about I should do next because digital marketing changes so fast my team can't keep up."


"I want to try new things with my team but we feel overwhelmed because we are already working at max capacity."


"I feel my team is operating in a constant state of conflict and we're tired of not making any real forward progress."

Digital growth doesn't have to feel this way. 



We simplify digital marketing to educate, empower, and elevate your financial brand's marketing team with strategies, systems, technologies, and habits that generate 10X more loans and deposits.

And we do this through the Digital Growth Method. Comprised of three simple steps, the Digital Growth Method is designed to help you establish a strong digital marketing foundation for exponentially greater results thereafter.

As a result of following the Digital Growth Method, your marketing team is no longer a necessary evil or cost center as you prove your value by generating 10X more loans and deposits. You also stop feeling like an overwhelmed and frustrated order taker as you become the strategic leader your executive team respects, values and trusts to guide your financial brand towards a future of digital growth.

And finally, you feel more excited and confident than ever before as you establish digital marketing systems, technologies, and habits that help you generate 10X more loans and deposits by guiding people in the communities you serve beyond their financial stress towards a bigger, better, and brighter future.

How the Banking on Digital GrowthTM
Method Guides You


Learn a proven digital marketing framework with team training to gain clarity and insight. 

Overcome the fear of the unknown as you educate your entire marketing, sales, and leadership team to learn a practical and proven growth framework through the Digital Growth University.


Think through a digital marketing strategy to build your team's courage to move forward.

Break free from the fear of change as you empower your team and build their courage and do digital marketing even better with a Digital Growth Blueprint that provides strategic direction.


Do even better with coaching to increase your team's commitment to apply the strategy.

Eliminate the fear of failure as you further expand your team’s capabilities through strategic coaching to increase their commitment to new digital marketing systems, technologies, habits.


Review  your progress and increase your team’s confidence as you optimize key digital experiences.

Remove the fear of success as you repeatedly generate even more loans and deposits through the insights you gain with quantitative and qualitative website and digital marketing secret shopping studies.



Don't let the Four Digital Fears keep you and your marketing team from maximizing your financial brand's future growth potential. 

After working with more than 475 financial brands, we've found key stakeholders and leadership teams are often held back by four fears that keep them from fully committing to their Digital Growth Journey. These fears are sometimes spoken openly but more often than not they are whispered in confidence and include:

Fear of the Unknown

"I know digital is important for us but what should we do next?"

Fear of Change

"Why change now? We have had success and growth up to this point."

Fear of Failure

"What happens if we try this we fail? What will they think of me?"

Fear of Success

"What happens if this works? Can we support this new type of growth?"

Take the first steps on your Digital Growth Journey to transform your marketing team and you will generate 10X more loans and deposits.

1) Help your team overcome the fear of the unknown with training and education that provides clarity about future growth opportunities.
3) Move your team beyond the fear of failure by committing to move forward with a proven strategy that shows you exactly what you need to do next.
2) Defeat the fear of change by reinforcing your team's courage as you access and benchmark the progress you've made so far.
4) Eliminate the fear of success as you confidently generate 10X more loans and deposits by guiding your team towards a bigger, better, and brighter future.

The Banking on Digital GrowthTM Program:
Educate, empower, and elevate your entire team

Financial brands consider the Banking on Digital GrowthTM Program to be an integral and ongoing part of their strategic growth plans. With four different options to choose from, this annual Program guides you through the three simple steps of the Digital Growth Method as you establish a strong digital marketing foundation for exponentially greater results thereafter.

The majority of financial brands choose to begin their Digital Growth Journey with Jump Start as it provides a balanced mix of training, strategy, and coaching. Because digital growth is a journey of continuous improvement and optimization, for most financial brands, it takes about two years for them to make all the required transformations in their thinking, strategies, systems, technologies, and habits that ultimately allow them to maximize their future digital growth potential.

However, it doesn’t take two years to see results as the Banking on Digital Growth Program is designed to support and guide you and your team through these challenging but incredibly rewarding times. You’re guaranteed to get quick wins along with long-term gains as you make continued progress through your Digital Growth Journey each year.


The Banking on Digital GrowthTM Program permanently improves the way you position and market your financial brand. Typically, after the first two years on your Digital Growth Journey, your capability and confidence increase as you develop a strong digital marketing foundation that only comes from ensuring you have the right strategies, systems, technologies, and habits in place.


But what happens next?


After a year or two in Jump Start, some financial brands choose to graduate and continue forward with Insight. Each year they gain new strategies tied to their unique goals for growth along with ongoing guidance, accountability, and insights gained through quarterly digital secret shopping website audits.


Others choose to join Foresight, an exclusive option that empowers them to continuously optimize and improve the digital marketing systems, technologies, and habits they’ve worked so hard to establish while at the same time to leaping ahead through competitive intelligence benchmarking.


Choose from four different options that start out for less than what it would cost to buy your entire team a daily cup of Starbucks coffee. 

Depending on how quickly you'd like to make progress on your Digital Growth Journey, in addition to the level of personalized guidance and managed implementation support you value, the annual Banking on Digital GrowthTM Program offers four options that start at around $30 per day.


All Program options are 100% guaranteed to educate, empower, and elevate your marketing team. If you don't feel like you're making progress on your Digital Growth Journey within the first 30 days of joining the Banking on Digital GrowthTM Program, we'll refund your annual membership.



Learn a proven digital marketing framework with team training to 
gain clarity and insights as you:


1. Make progress in just 1-2 hours per week following an annual curriculum.


2. Guide up to 10 team members through 12 classes with 100+ on-demand videos.


3. Apply what you learn with strategic thinking worksheets for individual reflection and guided team discussion.


4. Earn individual or team certification by submitting monthly progress for review.


5. Get answers to your biggest questions with quarterly private strategic coaching calls.


6. Unlimited Digital Growth Insider access that includes a peer group community where you gain weekly insights, monthly office hours for group coaching, and quarterly remote Digital Growth Insider strategic roundtable discussions.


7. Upgrade and add a Digital Growth Strategic Training Workshop hosted in Houston, TX that is customized around your unique situation to increase your speed of learning.


Think through a digital marketing strategy to build your team's 
courage to move forward as you:


1. Objectively assess and diagnose the biggest roadblocks you must eliminate while prioritizing the opportunities available to capture through our Digital Growth Diagnostic Toolkit.


2. Summarized in your Digital Growth Blueprint that is delivered over the course of a day during your Annual Digital Growth Strategy Session hosted in Houston, TX, you gain practical findings and recommendations, that are further expanded on through facilitated discussion along with the notes you take, in addition to a prioritized 12-18 month strategic roadmap with implementation examples.


5. Unlock Digital Growth Multipliers, including customized implementation workshops and access to expert talent that bridges website, marketing automation, and content production capability and capacity gaps.


Do even better with coaching to increase your team's commitment to properly apply the strategic insights with:


1. Standard Coaching: Monthly 1-on-1 private strategic coaching calls review your progress while also providing increased accountability.

2. Professional Coaching: Gain bi-weekly strategic coaching calls plus implementation oversight and quarterly Marketing Action Plans that provide further insight into your next steps.

3. Premium Coaching: Maximize your digital growth and unlock exclusive access to unlimited 24/7 strategic coaching, guidance, insight, and advice.


Review your progress and increase your team’s confidence as you optimize key digital marketing experiences by:

1. Reviewing your progress and results for the previous 90 day implementation sprint while adjusting and modifying strategic roadmap as needed.

2. Conducting quantitative and qualitative digital secret shopping studies for one key product or digital marketing campaign every 90 days through the lens of the digital consumer journey.

3. Ensuring you stop losing and start gaining even more leads for loans and deposits as you gain and apply new strategic insights from the quarterly digital secret shopping studies to optimize your website and digital marketing’s emotional experience (EX) and lead experience (LX).

Gain Clarity, Courage, and Confidence With Research and Insights

The Digital Growth Institute is guided by ongoing research found at the intersection of:




Behavioral Economics

At the heart of the Digital Growth Institute is a strategic framework we call the Digital Growth Blueprint. This framework is comprised of nine essential and co-dependent elements. Within each element of the Digital Growth Blueprint are specific strategies, systems, technologies, and habits that maximize your marketing's primary goals: generate 10X more loans and deposits.

The Nine Strategic Questions the Digital Growth Blueprint Helps you Answer


How do you clearly communicate a digital purpose, your future growth North Star, that aligns with the emotional needs of the people in the communities you serve?


How do you go beyond basic demographic data to humanize your digital marketing with ideal consumer personas that focus on people's questions, concerns, hopes, and dreams?


How do you differentiate your website and digital marketing product positioning from other financial institutions that promote rates, service, and commoditized product features?


How do your marketing processes empower your team to create the space and time needed to think, do, review, and continuously learn how to differentiate with unique digital experiences?


How do you use full-funnel digital consumer journeys, documented for all key products, to guide people beyond their questions and concerns towards a bigger, better, and brighter future?


How do you select and integrate the best digital marketing technology platforms along with ensuring your team has the capability and capacity to maximize their full potential?


How does your marketing team consistently produce digital content that emotionally connects with consumers in your communities by helping first and selling second?


How dos your marketing team effectively promote digital content and product offers through key distribution channels to target, capture, nurture, and convert leads for loans and deposits?


How do you quantify marketing activities beyond vanity metrics to help your team rise above being viewed as a cost center, glorified in-house Kinkos, or kids that play with paint and crayons?



Three Digital Marketing Growth Stories


"This program’s structure makes it for me. I have participated in and hosted a lot of different training sessions and this by far has been one of the best I have ever been a part of ."

Candice Nigro

First Atlantic
SVP of Marketing & eDelivery




"After the program, it was clear that not only does the team at Digital Growth Institute know what they’re talking about, they were capable of sharing step-by-step strategies."

Loni Meiborg

SVP Marketing
Fortfi Bank




"I was frustrated with our outdated website. Now we have a website that sells with a marketing automation system that has increased digital leads by 1,500%."

Amy McGraw

Vice President of Marketing
Tropical Financial



Schedule a one-hour Digital Growth Review to see if you are a good fit for the Banking on Digital GrowthTM Program.

Once your Digital Growth Review session is confirmed, you will complete the Quick Digital Growth Assessment before your call. Then, over the course of an hour, you will work with a Digital Growth Advisor to determine if you and your financial brand are a good fit for the Banking on Digital GrowthTM Program. Finally, you will leave this call with clarity and confidence as a Digital Growth Advisor shares high-level insights and recommendations about your next best steps.

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