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Digital growth is a journey from good to great.


92% of people start looking online for financial help from someone they can trust to guide them beyond the financial stress taking a toll on their health, relationships, and wellbeing.
What will they find and how will they feel when they:


  • See your digital ad?
  • Visit your website?
  • Click the apply button?


Will they find help and hope?

Or the same commoditized rates, services, and products every other financial brand promotes to a mass market?

Stop losing hundreds of millions in loans and deposits.


We understand that unseen gaps in your marketing and sales systems, processes, and positioning might be costing you millions in loans and deposits because your financial brand:

1. Continues to compete on commoditized products, rates, and services instead of being guided by a Purpose that places common money problems causing common people pain at the center of all of your thinking and doing.

2. Lacks digital marketing and sales strategies and systems as you’ve been focused on your technology to drive the transaction of commoditized dollars and cents instead of empowering the transformation of people internally and externally.
3. Is not fully or truly committed to guiding people beyond financial stress towards a bigger, better, and brighter future through the content you produce and the coaching you provide that is further informed by data.



Is my financial brand really losing hundreds of millions in loans and deposits?


Let's use a very simple example for comparison to provide you with a foundational framework that will help you consider if your organization is a good fit for the Digital Growth University. 


In this example, we will assume the total CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) for a new account holder is $2,556 (source).


Now let's assume you have around 300 people that begin applying for a new checking account on your website every month. 


Your marketing team feels good about reporting these results as the number of online applications for your financial brand has been growing month over month since marketing started running more digital ad campaigns while also sending more emails and posting even more content on social media. 


But there's a big problem that is costing you millions of dollars in loans and deposits.


We know 60% - 85% of people that start to apply for a new checking account online will abandon the process. 


What this means is you are losing 255 applications each month because you lack a system and process to capture, follow up, and convert these sales qualified leads. 


Even worse, those 255 abandoned applications you lose each month add up to over $7,800,000 in lost CLV for new accounts every single year.


Just think for a moment... this does not include the millions of dollars in revenue you are losing on abandoned auto loan, mortgage, credit card, and personal loan applications. And that's just on the retail side as the CLV of an SMB relationship can approach $10,000 per account (source). 


Even worse, think about all of the additional effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars your marketing team is spending to drive more traffic to your website to then lose it all. 


The good news is you can stop losing millions of dollars in loans and deposits because of unseen gaps in your marketing and sales systems, processes, and positioning.


Here's how... 


Three simple steps to level up your digital growth potential. 


Just like people feel stressed about money, we understand digital growth can also feel confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming.
But it doesn’t have to feel this way for you because you can join the Digital Growth University to overcome the three fears holding financial brands back from leveling up their digital growth potential with three simple steps:


1. Gain clarity through education to overcome the fear of the unknown.
2. Build your team’s courage with a growth strategy to eliminate the fear of change.
3. Increase your confidence with coaching to remove the fear of failure. 



Who is the Digital Growth University for?

You're on the marketing, sales, or leadership team of a:

✅ Bank or credit union ready to stop losing millions of dollars in loans and deposits
✅ Technology firm empowering financial brands to increase loans and deposits
✅ Marketing agency or consulting firm helping financial brands maximize their future growth


At this point you:

✅ Have read Banking on Digital Growth and listen to the Banking on Digital Growth Podcast
✅ Believe financial stress takes a toll on people's health, relationships, and well-being
✅ Are ready to guide people beyond that stress toward a bigger, better, and brighter future

✅ Value connecting, learning, and growing together with a cohort of growth-minded leaders
✅ Might not have the support of others to make this journey but don't want to wait to get started



How has the Digital Growth University created value
for other financial brands like yours?




What do you gain as a member of the Digital Growth University?


VIP Cohort Orientation: Connect with the members of your cohort during a 1/2 day remote orientation and learn how to maximize your own natural OS (operating strengths) in a digital world as you get ready to begin your Digital Growth Journey.

Digital Growth University: With a curriculum that unfolds over the course of 12 months requiring an average of just one hour per week, you will learn a proven digital marketing and sales framework alongside a cohort of growth-minded leaders from other financial brands. Upon completion, you receive a Banking on Digital Growth Certification as you have the knowledge you need to confidently establish a future growth strategy that empowers you to capture tens of millions in additional loans and deposits over the next 2-3 years. 


Monthly AMA Sessions: Attend a live session and ask James Robert Lay your biggest digital marketing, sales, or leadership questions, or simply watch the recording to continue to increase your knowledge. 


Exclusive Quarterly Cohort Only Invites: Continue to connect, learn, and grow with cohort members every 90 days through special events, workshops, insights, and reports.


Digital Growth Playbooks and Knowledge Library: Gain access to digital marketing and sales journeys from leading financial brands and fintechs —including landing pages and email nurture workflows— to benchmark and optimize your own digital marketing, sales, and service experiences while continuously expanding your knowledge by accessing over 6,000 hours of audio and video and 300+ articles.

Access to Digital Growth Insight Multipliers: As you and your team begin to learn and gain new insights through the Digital Growth University, you have the option to unlock Digital Growth Insight Multipliers, including: 


  • Book Clubs and Keynote Sessions to introduce others to what you are learning
  • Digital Secret Shopping Studies to learn where you are losing loans and deposits
  • Private educational workshops with curriculum framed around your unique situation
  • Bespoke Diagnostic Studies to benchmark the progress you're making
  • Strategic Advisory Sessions to unlock bespoke insights and recommendations
  • Executive and Team Coaching to gain ongoing accountability 



What have others gained by investing their
Time, Energy, and Attention in the Digital Growth University?

Listen and learn from the Digital Growth Journey podcast series. 


Ep.120 Deborah Lumpkin



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212. Frank Chisholm (1)











What’s in the Digital Growth University Curriculum?

The Digital Growth University is not a massive open online course (MOOC) you take on your own as MOOCs historically have completion rates of only 7-9%.

Instead, the Digital Growth University is a cohort-based remote learning experience designed for banks, credit unions, and fintechs that unfolds over the course of 12 months and requires an average of just one hour per week as you will:

💡 Learn in Week 1: Gain new insights each month through 90-120 minute on-demand video modules where you learn the Digital Growth Method

 🧠 Think in Week 2: Start to turn insights into action in less than 15 minutes by completing guided strategic critical thinking questions


⚙️ Do in Week 3: Begin to apply your thinking as James Robert facilities monthly cohort coaching to expand your perspective


🔭 Review in Week 4: Develop a one-page strategic growth action plan framed around your unique situation


What are the Digital Growth University Curriculum Focus Areas?


Following a curriculum framed around a proven strategic framework we call the Digital Growth Blueprint, you will gain practical insights that empower you to develop a digital growth strategy to capture tens of millions in additional loans and deposits over the years to come.


Month 1: We Will Learn From the Past to Escape the Present
Month 2: We Will Define a Digital Growth Purpose
Month 3: We Will Empathize With Consumer Personas
Month 4: We Will Position Products Beyond Bullet Points
Month 5: We Will Escape the Dangers of Doing Digital
Month 6: We Will Map Out Digital Consumer Journeys
Month 7: We Will Maximize Marketing Technologies
Month 8: We Will Build a Website That Sells
Month 9: We Will Be the Helpful and Empathetic Guide
Month 10: We Will Produce Content That Helps First and Sells Second
Month 11: We Will Promote Content Only to Guide People
Month 12: We Will Prove Marketing’s Value Once and For All


What's the investment for the University? 


The Digital Growth University is an annual program with a monthly investment that ranges from $9,995/month to $1,995/month. 

ENTERPRISE: Exclusive private education and coaching (limited spots number available) 

  • Private internal Digital Growth University cohort and community 
  • Recommended for larger teams that want to learn a common language to grow together
  • Includes memberships for 20-30 cross-functional and executive team members
  • Monthly investment: $9,995 

PROFESSIONAL: Creates the greatest value for marketing & sales teams to learn together

  • Public Digital Growth University cohort and community 
  • Recommended for mid-size teams comfortable learning and growing in a public cohort 
  • Includes 10 memberships recommended for marketing and sales team members 
  • Private remote executive keynote session and Q&A with James Robert Lay
  • Monthly investment: $3,995 

STANDARD: The best way for marketing teams to quickly get started and make progress

  • Public Digital Growth University cohort and community 
  • Recommended for marketing teams ready to get started but lack the buyin from others
  • Includes 5 memberships recommended for marketing teams + an executive sponsor
  • Monthly investment: $1,995 


What's the best option for my financial brand? 

Consider for a moment how many loans and deposits, along with how much revenue, you're losing every single year because of unseen gaps in your marketing and sales systems, processes, and positioning. 

As shared in the example above, these losses add up to tens of millions --if not hundreds of millions-- of dollars depending on your financial brand's asset size. 

What you don't know can really hurt you; both in the short term but even more so over the long term.


This is especially true in a time of economic chaos and crisis where you must make every website visit count. You can't afford to lose loans and deposits because unseen gaps in your marketing and sales systems, processes, and positioning. 

The good news is you won't have to worry about your future growth because you are committed to making every loan, deposit, and digital interaction count by applying the insights you gain through the Digital Growth University that empowers you to confidently level up your digital growth potential.

Let's assume you decide to start your Digital Growth Journey by going the "safer" route with the Standard Option to lead 5 people from your marketing team through the public Digital Growth University cohort with a monthly investment of $1,995/month.


This is a fantastic option and is the fastest way for marketing teams to quickly get started, make progress, and create proven value within their organizations. 

However, the danger with this more conservative approach is that these 5 people on the marketing team exponentially increase their knowledge through the education and coaching they gain in the Digital Growth University. And as marketing's knowledge increases, they begin to leave other key stakeholders from sales, service, IT, lending, and leadership teams behind.


We've found this knowledge gap leads to a potential increase in internal conflict and chaos as marketing feels clear and confident about the future. 


That's because the other key stakeholders excluded from the Digital Growth University begin to feel confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed when the marketing team shares a new opportunity or strategic path forward towards the future. This is completely understandable as key stakeholders excluded from the Digital Growth University do not have the same clarity, knowledge, perspective, and understanding the marketing team does just yet. 


This is why when a financial brand is losing over $7,000,000 a year in LTV on just new checking accounts --recalling the example shared above-- a $9,995/month membership to educate and empower an internal private cohort (made up of up to 20-30 cross-functional team members) is often a wise investment to confidently level up your digital growth potential going forward into the future. 


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