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Plan for Growth With the Digital Growth Blueprint

The Digital Growth Blueprint is a framework of methodologies, tools, and techniques centered around the customer journey. We use this framework to assess and score how your financial institution is performing across nine co-dependent elements.


This assessment helps us uncover gaps in your marketing while making recommendations that show you how to fix them. Your Digital Growth Blueprint provides a clear picture of where your financial institution is today, where it should be, and a plan to help grow from good to great.

The Digital Growth Blueprint Areas of Focus

Purpose, Goals, and Budget
Consumer Personas
Product Positioning
Staffing Capability
Customer Journeys
Technology Platforms
Content Production
Distribution Channels
Analytics and Reporting

A Digital Growth Blueprint provides the most value when you:

Need a digital marketing plan that helps you target, capture, nurture, and convert leads.
Plan to build a new website or make improvements to your current one.
Feel frustrated with current marketing tactics because it's difficult to quantify their value.
Feel overwhelmed about digital growth because you're not sure what to do next.

How the Digital Growth Blueprint planning process works.

1. Discover if a Digital Growth Blueprint is a good fit for you.

Schedule a 30-minute phone call to talk about your situation, and we'll help determine if a Digital Growth Blueprint is a good fit. And if it's not, we'll guide you to another program or a trusted competitor we think might be a better fit for you. 


2. We help you identify gaps in your marketing operations.

If we both agree a Digital Growth Blueprint is a good fit for you, you will work directly with a Senior Advisor. They will first guide your key stakeholders through a brief survey and interview to gain a better understanding of your goals for growth. This is then followed by a series of assessments that uncover internal gaps while benchmarking you against more than 450 other financial institutions we have studied.


Digital Marketing Skills Assessment

Goals and Budget Assessment

Digital Positioning Assessment

Target Market Assessment

Marketing Technology Assessment

Marketing Analytics Assessment

3. We help you see your website through the eyes of current and potential customers.

Your website is your most important marketing and sales asset. But the majority of financial websites are nothing more than glorified online brochures. We help you identify ways your website can be optimized over time. And we do this by routinely observing how people use it when shopping for financial products through qualitative and quantitative testing.


Website User Surveys

Live Observation Recordings

Behavioral Analysis

Google Analytics Review

Call-to-action Assessment

Competitor Website Benchmarking

4. We help you assess your customer journeys and content.

Content fuels your digital channels as it guides people through their customer journey towards conversion. We help you uncover gaps in your customer journeys by assessing the channels and content you use for your key product lines.


Website Content Assessment Including Localized SEO

Social Media Channel Content and Performance Assessment

Email Marketing Content and Performance Assessment

Digital Advertising Channel and Performance Assessment

Landing Page Usability and Lead Generation Form Assessment

Loan, New Account, and Online Banking Application Assessment

5. We deliver your plan that shows you how to grow from good to great.

Delivery of your Digital Growth Blueprint begins with a half-day workshop for key stakeholders. This provides the educational foundation needed to maximize the delivery of your Digital Growth Blueprint. Your Digital Growth Blueprint includes an executive report of key findings and recommendations in addition to a supporting slide deck that is delivered in person to key stakeholders over the course of a day.


Education: Delivers a high-level overview into industry trends and best practices.

Findings: Highlight the gaps within your current digital marketing.

Recommendations: Provide you with clarity into your growth opportunities.

Models and methodologies: Shows you how to confidently implement the recommendations.

Implementation examples: Demonstrates how you can apply the recommendations in the real world.

Implementation roadmap: 12-15 specific steps to keep you focused during implementation.

6. We help you implement your plan to build a Digital Growth Engine.

Once we deliver your Digital Growth Blueprint, we help you implement your plan and empower you to attract and convert digital leads. We do this by providing the necessary coaching, production support, and accountability to ensure you get the most value from your plan as we build your Digital Growth Engine together.


Production and implementation support with ongoing coaching and guidance.

A website that sells with SEO content and closed-loop reporting system.

Marketing automation integration and content marketing production.

Perpetual full-funnel marketing campaigns that generate new leads.

Digital advertising guidance to maximize your leads and bottom-line performance.

More closed loans and new accounts with sales enablement.

Your Digital Growth Blueprint will empower you to:

Know how to build a website that sells with marketing systems built for the customer journey.
Ensure you have the buy-in and capability to maximize your digital growth potential.
Reduce guesswork and uncertainty while maximizing your budget and resources.
Transform your marketing to target, capture, nurture, and convert qualified digital leads.

Digital Marketing Planning Transformation Success Stories

Loni Meiborg - First National Bank

"Our Digital Growth Blueprint transformed not only our marketing but how entire bank operates. We're now all on the same page and moving forward together with confidence."

Loni Meiborg

Marketing Leader
First National Bank

Brenda Covrett - Directions Credit Union

"I have a very clear picture about what to do next. Our Digital Growth Blueprint exceeded our expectations and provided us with more insights than we were expecting."

Brenda Covrett

Chief Marketing Officer
Directions Credit Union

Sharon Keller - Keesler FCU

"We had no idea how much growth we were missing out on because legacy marketing systems were holding us back. Our Digital Growth Blueprint showed us a better way forward."

Sharon Keller
VP Marketing
Keesler Federal Credit Union

How can we help you plan your digital growth strategy?

We simplify digital marketing to help financial institutions just like yours grow from good to great.

Let's talk about how we might be able to help you transform your marketing to maximize your digital growth potential.

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