The Digital Growth Training Program can help you if:

You feel confused and overwhelmed about digital marketing and are looking for a proven framework to guide you along your journey.

You struggle to get buy-in and budget for digital marketing because executives are held back by legacy systems and thinking.

You find it difficult to find the time to learn about new digital marketing opportunities because you’re working at max capacity.


The Next Digital Growth Training Program Starts July 11, 2017

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What You Get With the Digital Growth Training Program

The Digital Growth Training Program, developed by CEO and founder James Robert Lay, teaches you a proven framework that shows you how to jump start your digital marketing while avoiding pitfalls. Commit an average of 2-3 hours a week to the Program for six months and we guarantee you'll begin to break free from the legacy marketing systems that keep you from maximizing your digital growth potential.

Train Your Entire Team
Train your entire marketing department and learn a proven framework that is rooted at the intersection of marketing, sales, technology, and consumer behavior.

Get the Guidebook
Download the 50+ page guidebook that enhances your learning experience as you work through the Digital Growth Training Program.

Learn a Proven Framework
Attend 12 bi-weekly virtual classroom sessions that are lead by a Senior Digital Growth Advisor. These 60-minute sessions will teach you dozens of practical "how to" insights.

On-Demand Sessions
Don't worry about missing a class because you'll get access to the recorded classroom sessions.

Connect With Others
Unlock exclusive access to the Digital Growth Community so you can connect with others to discover new perspectives and learn what’s working for your peers.

Make Progress With Weekly Exercises
Apply the insights you learn with exercises designed to help you make progress each week while not overwhelming your already busy schedule.

Optional: Digital Marketing Skills Assessment
Quickly i
dentify capability gaps as you benchmark your team's digital marketing knowledge with an optional Digital Marketing Skills Assessment.

Optional: Digital Growth Assessment
Benchmark your overall digital marketing progress against more than 450 other banks and credit unions and review your results on a 60-minute phone call with a Senior Digital Growth Advisor.

Optional: Professional Group Coaching
Enhance your learning and combine the virtual classroom sessions with 12 bi-weekly group coaching calls. In these two-hour calls, you'll work alongside 4-6 other financial institutions while a Senior Digital Growth Adviser provides additional guidance and holds you accountable.

Optional: Premium Private Coaching
Maximize your virtual classroom sessions and get exclusive one-on-one access to a Senior Digital Growth Adviser with 12 bi-weekly private coaching calls.


These one-hour phone calls give you an opportunity to dig deeper into the content we discussed during the classroom session in a highly personalized setting. This gives you a chance to get answers to questions you have about situations that are specific to your financial institution.


By the end of this training program, private coaching will help you jumpstart putting together a digital marketing plan on your own.


Get all this for less than the cost of attending a traditional conference.

Your learning experience combines the best of virtual classroom training, exercises, peer group discussions, and one-on-one coaching – all done from the convenience of your office or training room.

No high-cost banking conference ticket prices.

No high-cost banking conference ticket helps you train your entire marketing team for less.

No travel or hotel costs.

No travel enables you to have more money to invest into digital marketing planning and transformation. 

No lost or wasted time out of the office.

No lost time out of the office gives you more time to implement and optimize what you learn.


Digital Growth Training Program Success Stories

Lisa Baione is the Senior Vice President at DuGood Federal Credit Union

"I used to feel overwhelmed by digital marketing. But now I am confident I can transform my marketing to help my credit union grow. The framework I learned and step-by-step guidance has been very helpful."

Lisa Baione
Senior Vice President
DuGood Federal Credit Union

Jameon Rush is the Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Heartland Bank.

"I am very satisfied with the insights I gained, and I hope more banks and credit unions take advantage of the Program. I can’t stress enough the value I received from this compared to the conferences I have attended."

Jameon Rush
Assistant Vice President of Marketing
Heartland Bank

Dawn Courtney is the Director of Marketing at First Internet Bank.

"I have been looking for training like this to help me. The Program content was much better than other events I have attended, and I would recommend it to other banks wanting to use digital marketing to grow."

Dawn Courtney
Director of Marketing
First Internet Bank

Learn how to Transform Your Marketing

The Digital Growth Training Program unfolds over six months. The Program is split into three 8-week semesters with virtual classroom and coaching sessions alternating each week.


Week of July 10: Module 1.1
Explore the state of financial digital marketing and the changing competitive landscape to help you gain executive buy-in and the budget you need for digital marketing.

Week of July 24: Module 1.2
Establish a digital purpose that empowers you to break free from the commoditized “great rates” and “amazing service” promoted by every other bank and credit union.

Week of August 6: Module 1.3
Define consumer personas that go beyond basic demographics to help you simplify and unify all of your marketing campaigns, content, and digital advertising channels.

Week of August 20: Module 1.4
Take advantage of the latest research and insights from marketing neuroscience to simplify your product positioning and rise above commoditized product features.


Week of September 4: Module 2.1
Learn the skills, structure, and processes you need to help your marketing and sales teams work more closely together to build a Digital Growth Engine.

Week of September 18: Module 2.2
Ensure you have the key digital marketing technologies you need to improve attract, nurture, and convert leads for loans and new accounts.

Week of October 2: Module 2.3
Document digital customer journeys to create a visual map that helps you guide consumers beyond their questions and concerns and towards their hopes and dreams.

Week of October 16 (Module 2.4)
Emotionally connect with consumers to guide them beyond their questions and concerns as you lead them towards their hopes and dreams.


Week of October 30: Module 3.1
Transform your glorified online brochure into a website that sells while ensuring you have the processes in place to continue to optimize this key asset over time.

Week of November 12: Module 3.2
Learn how to plan and produce digital content that helps first and sells second as you guide leads through their digital customer journey.

Week of November 26: Module 3.3
Learn how to distribute and optimize your content through key digital distribution channels based upon the five stages of the customer journey.

Week of December 10: Module 3.4
Break free from reporting vanity metrics and increase marketing’s value by connecting, measuring, and reporting activities to bottom-line growth.

Digital Growth Training Program Summary

Learn how to transform your marketing and avoid pitfalls with practical "how to" insights.
Make weekly progress with exercises designed to help you to apply the insights you learn.
Break free from legacy thinking with up to 36 hours of digital marketing training and coaching.
Unlock exclusive access to the Digital Growth Community and learn what’s working for others.

Compare Your Options And Pick The One That's Best For You



Per month

Train your entire marketing team

12 virtual classroom sessions

Access to on-demand sessions

Digital Growth Training Guidebook

Weekly exercises and activities

Digital Growth Community access



Get everything in the basic option and enhance your learning with:

Group coaching and accountability with 4-6 other banks or credit unions

12 bi-weekly group coaching calls

Digital Marketing Skills Assessment

Quick Digital Growth Assessment





Per month

Get everything in the basic option and maximize your classroom sessions with:

One-on-one access to a Senior Digital Growth Adviser

12 bi-weekly private coaching calls

Personalized attention and recommendations

Digital Marketing Skills Assessment

Quick Digital Growth Assessment


Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

The Digital Growth Training Program is open to banks, credit unions, and fintech companies around the world who are seeking clarity about how they can maximize their digital growth potential. We also a referral program for associations, technology firms, marketing agencies, and consultants if you believe training like this might be helpful for your clients.

What are the payment terms?

Payment for the entire six-month Digital Growth Training Program is invoiced once you have registered. You can pay this invoice with any major credit card or check. There is a much higher success rate for financial institutions that pay the entire Program tuition up front, instead of making smaller monthly payments, as this reinforces your commitment to break free from legacy marketing systems and thinking. 

What if I don't learn anything new?

We guarantee the Digital Growth Training Program will provide you with at least a dozen new ideas that will help you begin to break free from the legacy marketing systems and thinking that keep you from maximizing your digital growth potential. And if it doesn’t, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

When are the classroom and coaching times scheduled?

Virtual classroom times are scheduled for 11AM CST every other Tuesday. You'll get a calendar invite once you have registered and paid to hold this time for the entire six-month training Program. And don't worry if you can't make a class because you'll get on-demand access to every single classroom session recording. Coaching times are scheduled with you once you’ve enrolled and have been teamed up with your peer group.

What happens if I fall behind?

It's best to keep up, but it's not a big issue to fall behind by a module or two. We understand how busy things can get as a financial marketer. That's why we designed this Program with a lot of breathing room and large breaks between each virtual classroom, so it's easy to catch up. You'll also be supported by your peers and Senior Digital Growth Adviser.

How does group coaching work?

You and 3-5 other banks and credit unions will progress through the Program together. Bi-weekly group coaching sessions begin with a brief recap of the module material you just learned, and then we open the floor for discussion. Next, we facilate a discussion around the module questions you have while taking the remaining time to discuss how the module relates to your specific situation. Group coaching sessions are scheduled for two hours, but they’re done when all the questions have been answered and the conversation is done. Your Senior Digital Growth Adviser will stay for the scheduled length of group coaching, as long as there are questions to be answered. We ask that you arrive on time and notify us in advance of known absences.

How does private coaching work?

Private coaching maximizes your virtual classroom sessions as you get exclusive one-on-one access to a Senior Digital Growth Adviser for 12 bi-weekly private coaching calls. Every one of these calls is personalized to your specific situation as we expand up principles of the module you just learned to help you overcome your biggest digital marketing challenges.

What technology do I need to participate?

The only technology you need is a computer, web browser and internet connection. We use zoom for the classroom and coaching sessions.

Can I still participate if I’m in a different part of the world?

You can participate from anywhere in the world because even if you can't make the live virtual classroom session, you will still have on-demand access to the recordings. For group or private coaching, we'll do our best to work within your time zone, but it may not be during your regular office hours.

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