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The Power of Positive Financial Partnerships

"Money has no value without the activities of life." -Allison Netzer

A financial partnership...


Why Financial Collaboration Builds a Better Future

"Just because we're changing our tactic does not mean we got it wrong. It means we're being...


Supercharging a Small Business With the Power of Fintech

“If you fail, fail fast, and hopefully, fail a lot.” -Renee Newman


Facing Fear and Exploring the New Frontier of Banking as a Service

One thing I think a lot of people get wrong: Courage doesn't mean there's an absence of fear....


Unlock Your Treasure Trove of Financial Data and Make it an Asset

Typically data lives with the IT department … It’s not viewed from a business objective...


The Power of Social Content to Convey Thought Leadership

If you're only thinking about social media as an avenue to promote products, and to say, ‘Hey,...


Get Ready for a Marathon, Not a Sprint, Toward Digital Transformation

On the marketing front, I tell people it’s a tough pill to swallow, but it takes three to five...


Your Customers Are Human, So Serve Their Emotional Needs

When you fulfill your promises, that builds trust, which builds affinity. People are more likely...


Building Your Brand From the Boring Middle

If you don't take care of the stuff you're doing to build a great product and you don't figure out...


Loving Your People: Your New, Surefire Business Strategy

“... It's about the humans that are at the workplace, they're at the center of your business. And...


Unlocking Digital Transformation Through Business Alignment

“As financial institutions, it really is our responsibility just to be excellent providers, sound...