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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Are You Prepared for a Techno-Socialist Future? (with Brett King)

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Brief Summary of Episode #140

The way we work is changing.

It’s not just the pandemic — the economic world is transforming.

Can we adapt the system to embrace the future?

Or will we let fear and uncertainty shape our future?

I vote for adaptation and embrace. So does Brett King, Founder and Executive chairman at Moven and author of The Rise of Techno-Socialism

Techno-socialism is a proposed path to solving inequalities through technology, rather than deepening them. Brett believes it is the only route to a better, brighter future.

He compares techno-socialism to the Industrial Revolution.

Before the Industrial Revolution, 60-70% of people worked in agriculture, compared to just 1.6% today.

The development of factories and industrialization of cities created a macro change for human lifestyles in respect to the raw workplace. 

Artificial intelligence and climate change will have similar impacts on the way we work, the economics behind work, and the role of work in society.

These changes will lead to new metrics by which we measure a corporation — or a bank's — performance. We'll start to look at corporate citizenship, not just corporate performance.

Are you ready for the techno-socialist future?

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why Techno-Socialism is the best path for a better, brighter future
  • The costs of techno-unemployment
  • Why corporate citizenship is as important a metric as corporate viability

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