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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Stop Pouting, Start Progressing: An Underdog Story of Transformational Growth (with Parker Graham)

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Brief Summary of Episode #288

Parker Graham always knew he had a gift for playing football, even taking his talent to the pros as a tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.

But he always remembered watching his single mother work backbreaking hours to support Parker and his siblings.

“Those are my first memories of her, working multiple jobs and just trying to put food on the table,” he said.

Parker’s childhood and locker room experiences stoked a burning passion for helping ordinary people with wealth management. So he left football behind and founded Finotta, a mobile banking personalization platform.

“I felt this calling to build something for anybody who doesn’t have financial awareness,” Parker said.

His transformational journey wasn’t easy, both personally and professionally. Yet even after suffering devastating defeats in his first year, he was determined to be the better for it.

“I think you go through those moments of refinement because you’re getting prepared for that next level of ascension,” Parker said.

In this episode of our Digital Growth Journeys series, get an exclusive look into the transformational journey of an NFL player who overcame adversity so he could help give others financial clarity.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Pivoting from the NFL to a financial startup (10:10)
  • Transforming the change mindset and personal coaching (18 :06)
  • Losing it all and finding clarity in failure (24:42)

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