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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Finding the Cure for Workaholism — Personal Transformation From the Inside Out (with Peggy Van de Plassche)

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Brief Summary of Episode #270

Personal transformation doesn’t happen overnight. 

It’s a long road, and it’s never clean or easy.

Yet, personal transformation is critical to transforming an organization from the inside out.

That’s because every organization is a sum of individuals. And as Peggy Van de Plassche, mental health advocate and author of Paris, Mushrooms, and Me, put it — losing one’s agency in a corporate environment takes its toll. 

“The impact on mental health from this control and command approach that most organizations have is because individuals lose their control of self,” Peggy said.

Financial brands and fintechs don’t transform on a meta scale. 

Transformation starts with the well-being of their people.

“When you look at transforming an organization, do you have healthy individuals?” Peggy suggested. “And do you interact with your employees or your members in a way that is healthy for them?”

Before leading our teams forward in transformation, we must first cure our own mindset, but where do we begin?

“Look at your patterns, and that can be in your career, relationship, health, money, anything,” Peggy said. “You will have the best discovery of your life.”

By identifying common patterns that are causing you problems, that are causing you pain, you can help other people with theirs.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why we must transform organizations from the inside out (3:26)
  • The messiness of personal growth and workaholism (10:06)
  • Contextual truth and the psychedelic stigma (22:29)

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