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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Adapting to Hard, Fast Change (With Dr. Benjamin Hardy)

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Brief Summary of Episode #26

You can't predict the future.

But as Warren Buffett said, "Twenty years from now, everything's gonna be better than it has ever been."

In times like these, how do we adapt to hard, fast change in a way that creates a positive future for ourselves and our families?

On this episode of the Banking on Digital podcast, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, father of five and author of Personality Isn't Permanent, talked about how to adapt to hard, fast change.

You need a purpose. Without a purpose, you don't have a future. And without a future, you'll give up. But you can handle things if you've got a meaning and a purpose.

How do you get a purposeful future?

  • Don't look to your past. It doesn't define your future.
  • Don't look at your Meyers-Briggs score. The science of it doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Besides, labels create tunnel vision.

Instead, follow a process of imagination and decision making.

Step 1: Define who you want to be. Use a 1-3 year perspective on your life.

Step 2: Tell people about it. Own the fact that this is where you want to go, rather than pretending that you're justified in who you are.

Step 3: Reassess everything. The longer you're off course, the longer the opportunity cost to get back.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why you need a future that gives your life purpose
  • The reason personality tests are a terrible way to hire
  • The process of imagination and decision making

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