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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Humanity of Digital Growth

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Brief Summary of Episode #12

The most important element of digital growth is not technology.

It’s not sales.

It’s not marketing.

In fact, it’s something ancient. Something that’s missing in almost every conversation that happens in every boardroom across the country.


I’ve talked before about how you can generate 10X more loans & deposits.

But 10X growth is only made possible through 10X thinking.

And any digital growth strategy that doesn’t place human connection at its heart is at best only half of a strategy.


Because no matter how robust your technology is, people still trust humans far more than they trust financial brands.

Especially now, during this post COVID-19 world, human connection is more important than ever before.

Even if that connection is through a Zoom call, or a chat, or a phone call.

So if you want digital growth for your financial brand, stick with me.

Because on the Banking on Digital Growth podcast, I’m going to unpack a digital growth strategy that will allow your financial brand to do 3 things:




To provide people with helpful content & positive experiences that guide them towards a bigger, better, brighter future.

Stay with me.

This is getting good.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why only 15-20% of financial brands are “Digital Haves”
  • The secret to digital growth that is missing from most conversations
  • How to take your marketing team from underestimated to invaluable
  • Why digital growth is about so much more than marketing and sales technology