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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Stop Pushing Messages & Start Creating Dialogue (With Paula Tompkins)

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Brief Summary of Episode #86

How many times has your financial institution thanked you?

Or contacted you after a disaster and offered any help?

Yeah, exactly.

In a recent Exponential Insights series episode, I chatted with Paula Tompkins, CEO/Founder at ChannelNet, about appreciation and relationships.

Used to, when we needed help from our FIs, we’d go in and talk to an expert. Handshakes, eye contact, and a full view of facial expressions.

Even with the prevalence of digital, many banks and FIs haven’t added back in the important part yet: dialogue.

All too often, we don’t dialogue through technology.

We just push messages.

Which doesn’t create a relationship or any type of positive interaction for customers.

If someone opens an account with you, don’t just send a confirmation email.

Call and say this: “Thank you for doing business with us. How was your account opening experience?”

Find out what’s going on in your customers’ lives so that you can be a proactive expert.

Despite the new tech, people still need help and advice. They still need eye contact with an expert.

We must use the digital to put the person in need with the person who can help.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Actually thanking your customers and members
  • How to use technology to dialogue
  • Implementing agile methodologies in a post-Covid world
  • A roadblock is the lack of understanding what is possible

How to Connect With Paula Tompkins

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