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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Battle With the Big Banks: Content Marketing Gives You a Competitive Advantage

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Brief Summary of Episode #37

Find the courage to say "no" to many things. Then, say "yes" to one thing.

One message.

One approach.

One community.

Digital growth doesn't mean doing more. It means having the courage to commit and niche down to one specific community.

Maybe that community gets defined by geographic borders, or maybe it's a digital community marked by common interests.

The idea of a niche community built around one specific area of focus can feel counterintuitive at first because you're saying no to 1000 other possible opportunities.

But by saying yes to one, you're committing to go all in and focus deeply on that single niche community.

Once you define the niche community that your financial brand will create value for with your content, it's easier to go ALL in for them.

ALL is an acronym to help you create simple, effective marketing for your community:

A - Ask. What are people's hopes and dreams?

L - Listen. Find out the roadblocks standing in the way of those dreams.

L - Learn. What types of content will help your community overcome those roadblocks?

I talked more about how content marketing can help community banks and credit unions compete with the big banks on the Banking on Digital Growth show.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • What a digital community is and how to build one
  • How the acronym ALL (Ask, Listen, Learn) can help you go all in on your digital marketing
  • Why small, focused institutions can build communities faster than big banks