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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Content Marketing Brings Empathy to the Digital Channel (With Shondell Varcianna)

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Brief Summary of Episode #91

The pandemic has proven the value of content marketing for financial brands.

It’s how you empower your account holders and bring a sense of empathy to the digital channel. 

That’s why today’s guest on the show — Shondell Varcianna, CEO & Founder at Varci Media — is an expert in using content to better serve customers, and she shares her secrets in this episode. 

One of the biggest takeaways from our conversation is how to answer the one question that anyone in any industry should be asking if they want their business to succeed:

Who are my customers, really? 

If you want to succeed and serve your customers at a higher level, you’d better be able to answer this, right? 

It takes time — you need to build a solid relationship with your customers. 

But how? 

One great tip Shondell shared that I recommend for anyone venturing into creating content and still struggling to understand how to serve their target audience: 

Facebook groups. 

That’s how you get to know your ideal customer. Just be a fly on the wall for 20 minutes a day — that’s all it takes. 

Just listen. 

If you do, they’ll tell you what they want, what their problems are, and, most importantly… 

How you can help. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why content marketing allows you to meet your customers where they are
  • How to tailor content to educate specific customers
  • Tips for learning your target audience effectively

How to Connect With Shondell Varcianna

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