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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

You Need More Than Production — You Need Content Strategy (With Garick Giroir)

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Brief Summary of Episode #89

Most financial brands are aware of the value of content.

Sure, they’re producing and promoting it…   

But precious few are being strategic with their content. 

If you have questions, fears, or uncertainties about content strategy, then Garick Giroir, Content Strategist at Louisiana Federal Credit Union, has the answer. 

He joined me on the latest Banking on Digital Growth to share the secrets to elevating your content production to content strategy.

And what do you think is the biggest mistake brands repeatedly make with their content? 

They talk about themselves too much. 

Content marketing is not advertising — when you enter the digital realm, you’re in the user’s house. 

It’s your job to listen to their dreams, struggles and, yes, even their unspoken insecurities. This is how you meet your buyer at whatever stage they’re in the buyer’s journey. 

Your content can show them what they can have and what they need to do or know to get there.

Your content is most strategic when it helps, not when it sells.

So please, stop talking about yourself.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The difference between strategy and production
  • The link between content and the buyer’s journey
  • Why video is gold for content strategists

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