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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Digital Growth Means the Courage to Act on New Information (With Mia Perez)

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Brief Summary of Episode #41

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people want two things in their personal financial journey:

They want help and hope. And more often than not, hope has to come before help. 

But if your digital marketing consists of only saying you can offer a loan at X%. What hope are you offering?

That’s something my guest today, Mia Perez, Chief Administrative Officer at Louisiana Federal Credit Union, learned on her digital growth journey. 

Mia came to us when she realized they had to step up their digital game.

And we did some secret shopping to test the digital experience. 

When we revealed the user experience testing, Mia was confident it would go great and brought her entire team. 

The first consumer said they wouldn’t shop on the site since they didn’t know what APR meant and clicked off the screen.

Mia described this as feeling like a full-body wax — her words. 

But, unlike a lot of people, Mia took this opportunity to act on the new information and immediately took down the site.

After 9 months of hard work, they had a new website up. And it’s been great ever since.  

We all want new insights into our business, but how many of us have the courage to act on them? 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why you should have the courage to change what you know isn’t working
  • The importance of taking risks to try new things
  • Why we should admit when we don’t know everything about something new

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