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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

A Deep Dive with Authors Into Best Practices That Maximize Digital Growth

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Brief Summary of Episode #150

No matter how you slice it, money is stressful. People lose sleep over it, make costly mistakes with it, and are ashamed to discuss it with friends and family. 

And while individuals and institutions are busy being fearful, they’re missing out on life-changing financial opportunities. 

This is exactly why we train and educate here on the Banking on Digital Growth podcast: We’re on a mission to help the dear listener overcome financial anxieties to build a better, more comfortable life.

Join us on this special, two part, 150th episode as we talk through some of the biggest strategies our panel of authors are willing to share with us:

            1. Maximizing future growth
            2. Augmenting the customer experience with AI
            3. Understanding generational differences
             4. Pivoting quickly to sustain the brand
            5. Curbing emotional decision making

It’s time to change the narrative about money. With so many exciting opportunities, we’d hate for you to miss out from fear of the unknown. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The risk of a product led initiative 
  • The key to innovation is growth
  • The ability to pivot quickly to sustain the brand
  • Training the mind to think who before how
  • To create, capture, and maximize future growth 
  • Understanding the differences across generations
  • Augmenting the customer experience w/ AI
  • Emotional decision making
  • Mitigating risk and being courageous