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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Chasing the Ultimate Customer Experience (with Todd Treadway)

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Brief Summary of Episode #195

Our world is getting smaller by the minute.

The rapid rise of technology has given financial institutions incredible opportunities for digital growth.  

But at its core, digital growth is about people.

I’m blessed to have met some remarkable people at different events around the country during my transformation journey.

I recently got to catch up with one of them - Todd Treadway, the Digital Channels Director and Senior Vice President at Provident Bank.

We had a great Q&A about some of his company's challenges in its digital transformation.

Todd hit me with some great questions about fighting complacency when providing quality service and the role of personalization in meeting individual needs.

We also talk about the importance of trust when approaching customers for referrals.

Because building relationships is the key to digital growth.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The evolution of personalization in customer service [8:00]
  • Defining the customer service experience [11:15]
  • The importance of building trust in approaching referrals [19:30]

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