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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

5 Areas to Focus on to Drive Traffic & Generate Leads (With Marcus Sheridan)

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Brief Summary of Episode #83

Consumers have more knowledge than ever before.

That means if you want more loans, deposits, and revenue…  

Your content is more important than ever. 

And if you want to nail your content and beat your competitors, you only need to focus on 5 areas says Marcus Sheridan, International Keynote Speaker, who joins me on the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth.

So… what are they? 

1 - Costs

Customers love to research pricing, which means you must justify your pricing and educate your customers as to where their money goes.

2 - Negatives

When we’re serious about something, we ask what’s wrong with it. Nobody looks up negatives unless they’re ready to buy.

3 - Comparisons

Your customers want to research which products are right for them, so you need to help them compare your various products and how they stack up against the competition.

4- Reviews

We’re a review-obsessed society. Yelp, influencers, critics — people care about reviews.

5 - The Best

Above all else, consumers want to research the best. You need a niche to master. Set yourself as the leader of it, not a jack of all trades.

If you answer all questions your customers ask around these 5, you’ll dominate your space. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why we need to let customers have more control
  • The 5 topics that drive traffic and generate leads
  • How to overcome finance’s trust issue

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