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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Data Demystified: What Your Financial Brand Needs to Know (With Kim Snyder)

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Brief Summary of Episode #78

Financial brands have more data than the tech giants. 

So, why aren’t we using it as effectively? 

It’s time we thought about data differently. It’s time to demystify data.

In order to do just that, I caught up with Kim Snyder, CEO & Founder KlariVis, to find out everything financial brands need to know about their data.

One of the biggest issues most financial brands face is failing to see data as an enterprise-wide asset. 

Most companies think data lives in the IT department. 

This attitude leads companies failing to harness the powerful benefits data can provide. 

With data being siloed in one — or collected, stored, and used differently by each — department, it often needs cleaning. 

The trouble is, no one wants to do it. 

But it’s important. Without clean data, so many essential actions fall flat: you can’t take advantage of predictive analytics, AI, marketing campaigns, customer profiles…

The list goes on. 

But if you get everyone, across the entire company, invested in the data process and educate them on the benefits of that data, then everyone will want to get involved.

Then, you can transform data from a flawed, siloed asset into one that elevates everyone in your organization. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How KlariVis is helping brands make use of their data
  • Why data needs to be seen as an enterprise-wide asset
  • How to clean up your data and make it actionable

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