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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Digital or Die: Don’t Get Left in the Dust (With Keren Moynihan)

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Brief Summary of Episode #93

If you’re a traditional banker worried about the digital age progressing much too fast, you can rest assured that it is. 

But it doesn’t matter, because it’s not stopping. 

These days, it’s digital or die.

My guest today is Keren Moynihan, CEO & Co-Founder at Boss Insights, who joins me to discuss the rapidly shifting financial landscape and how your brand can best respond. 

One thing definitely stands out as advice every financial brand should hear:

Stop trying to do everything alone. 

If you look at the financial landscape as a zero-sum game, then you ultimately lose the game. 


Because a zero-sum game ultimately hurts your customers.

Sure, you might provide them with every service under the sun… but none of them will be exceptional.

Instead, we need to adopt a collaborative approach. If you want to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world, then you need your customers behind you.

And you get that by serving them the BEST services they can get…

Not the MOST they can get. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why financial brands need to better support business
  • Collaboration is always better than a zero sum game
  • Why digital is the only path forward for financial brands

How to Connect With Keren Moynihan

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