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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

A Guide to Becoming Digitally Driven (with Howard Tiersky)

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Brief Summary of Episode #178

Digital customers are your customers. 

Or they should be. 

Is your brand keeping up with the digital transformation?

More than a catchphrase, it’s a crucial element of giving your customers what they need.

Our guest is Howard Tiersky, CEO at FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency, a bestselling author, and a top CX influencer. 

His latest book is “Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance.”

Even beloved brands can go extinct if they don’t adapt to the rapidly evolving digital customer experience.

What does it take to win in today’s world?

You have to provide exceptional value.

Content and eCommerce isn’t enough — you must be digitally driven. You have to reinvent. 

Howard says if you’re not feeling pain, you’re not transforming. Change causes significant disruption, inconvenience, and stress. 

Updating your website and hoping for the best no longer works.

Businesses today need dramatic transformation to ensure survival, according to Howard.

Any step forward is risky. Design thinking can help you mitigate that and create a transformative customer journey. 

Innovation requires resourcefulness to overcome ingrained resistance to change.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • What went awry with Toys“R”Us
  • The 3 stages of digital evolution
  • Tips for overcoming disruption caused by transformation

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