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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Building Your Brand From the Boring Middle (With Chris Snyder)

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Brief Summary of Episode #75

We're missing opportunities. Mainly because they sit in the boring middle and they require a lot of hard work. The middle is monotonous. But the middle is where you win.

Look at big sexy ad agencies. 

They create funny commercials and spin off huge ad campaigns. They're the top.

Now, look at the bottom. You should see tech, web dev, mobile apps, and all that crazy stuff.

Okay, raise your eyes to the middle. The middle is landing page optimization, forms, and buyer psychology. The middle is MailChimp.

If you don't take care of the stuff you're doing to build a great product and you don't figure out a way to nurture, build, grow, get feedback, iterate, and tie all that together in the middle... 

You're not going to win. 

But if you can do the hard work in the middle — nurture leads through content, provide help, and shepherd people toward conversion....

You can maximize your digital growth. 

Think of it like farming. Today, you plant the seeds. Tomorrow you nurture them. And next season, you harvest your crop. 

Chris Snyder, founder of Banks.com, a go-to resource for all things financial, joined me on Banking on Digital Growth. We talked more about how to build your financial enterprise from the boring middle.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The value of Kolbe profiles to understand natural operating systems
  • Why you need to double down on sustainability
  • Ways to measure progress besides unit economics

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