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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Creating Servant-Oriented Content (With Lynne Jarman-Johnson)

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Brief Summary of Episode #45

Our customers are afraid right now. But the bank lobby is closed so we aren't seeing them face to face. How can we help our customers feel better from afar?

We create content that helps people feel calm and in control of their financial lives.

People don't always know what to do mid-pandemic. They don't know the rules about touching money or how to socially distance in the bank's offices. 

Our content can address some of those concerns. It's even better if you can make it funny and human. Customers relate best when they feel like you're serving them, not selling to them.

In a recent episode of Banking on Digital Growth, I talked with Lynne Jarman-Johnson, chief marketing officer at Consumers Credit Union, about how to create servant-oriented content.

She says part of it is just showing ourselves in our real lives. At her credit union, Lynne got pictures of a pug — a dog — sitting next to a teller who was working from home. 

Imagine driving through a teller lane, touching the screen, and up pops a pug to say hello.

Most people would say, "You can't do that."

On the contrary, you have to do that. Reach out in a way that makes people smile. At least you can help someone feel better in a crisis. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How to offer empathy through digital content
  • Why our best solutions are our simplest
  • What needs to happen right now for financial brands to make progress along their digital growth journeys

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