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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (With Matt Monge)

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Brief Summary of Episode #60

Financial brands have done a tremendous job focusing on the digital experience. COVID-19 has forced us to make some progress there. But two other opportunities await:

# 1 Humanizing the digital experience

Humanizing the digital experience only happens when we focus on improving the employee experience. Financial brands typically lack humanity in their digital experience. 


They lack clarity, awareness, and buy-in from their employees.

That's why 60%-80% of digital transformations projects fail to begin.

# 2 Improving the employee experience

Employee experience drives member experience. The degree to which we invest in humans and in understanding how humans work, that's the degree to which we will get the member experience.

We can't ask: Technology or customer experience? 

...And then divide into two camps over whether people or tech matter more.

Instead, a sustainable competitive advantage over time emerges from human beings who can pull together a technologically-driven solution drawn from disparate sources.

Matt Monge, the brand and marketing agency director for On the Mark Strategies helps financial brands be more human, particularly in the post-COVID digital world.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The difference between employee experience and employee engagement
  • Where people are getting stuck in digital transformation
  • How to create a competitive advantage for your financial brand

How to Connect With Matt Monge

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