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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Building Digital Growth into a New Community Bank

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Brief Summary of Episode #147

It’s not every day you go out and start a new bank.

Not everyone’s called to banking, of course…

But you have to escape your cave of complacency. 

Keith Costello is the President & CEO, and Kelsey Weaver is a proud Board Member at Locality Bank of Ft. Lauderdale. 

Locality is the 1st community bank to open in South Florida in over 10 years. 

Keith is a vibrant community leader who took a bold leap to launch something desperately needed.

Driven and passionate, Kelsey is a gifted fintech innovator and a dedicated fundraiser for childhood cancer research.

They’re celebrating their official membership in the FDIC, furthering their mission of empowering local businesses in one of the fastest-growing markets. 

Both leaders found ways to overcome our ingrained dread of the unknown. 

Kelsey is motivated to solve problems.

Embracing the exhilaration of change, Ken says practicing meditation has enabled him to become a better listener.

Digital transformation is happening at an increasingly rapid pace. 

Keith, Kelsey, and Locality Bank are leveraging emerging technology to help even more local business owners truly succeed.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How Keith and Kelsey approached launching a new, digital-growth-ready community bank
  • The importance of mindset to digital growth