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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

A Small Business Guide to Fintech: Insight for the Future

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Brief Summary of Episode #143

What if finding a more efficient business banking solution was as easy as downloading an app?

Well…That’s right. It’s already a thing.

It’s only fitting that we recently held a fireside chat with some of the greatest minds who are actively working in the space where small businesses meet Fintech.

Our esteemed guests were:

Renee Newman - Industry Advisory Board Member at Nymbus

Derik Sutton - VP of Marketing at Autobooks

Corey LeBlanc - Co-founder at Locality Bank

Small business owners experience more anxiety around financial operations than most of us care to admit.

Renee, for example, removes some of that anxiety by placing focus on human connection.

Small businesses are waking up to their bargaining power in ways they’ve not experienced even just five years ago:

     -Switching providers really is as simple as downloading an app.

     -If one provider can’t answer a question, it’s a matter of minutes  before finding someone else who can.

    -Banking customers have unlocked the non-consumption model, where function overrides bureaucracy.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Empowering small businesses to maximize their growth capability & overcome fear
  • Creating a better customer experience & keeping each other accountable 
  • Considering Fintech a collaborator, not a competitor