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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Digital Transformation Begins with Purpose (with Baron Conway)

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Brief Summary of Episode #177

It’s more than updating your website or releasing an app. 

Embarking on a multidimensional engagement initiative requires a comprehensive strategy.

You need a framework to support those transformations. 

Baron Conway, SVP, Head of Digital and Product Management at NuVision Federal Credit Union, is this episode’s fascinating guest. 

He’s worked in a variety of industries as an agent of change, helping organizations create value and find clarity.

With research and data, Baron dove into the thoughts and needs of his customers. 

They hungered for a better digital experience — and sought a company that understood them.

A driver of NuVision’s growth was the rise of Fintech and a desire to level the playing field for its members. 

They transformed the mortgage application process, leading to a customer-friendly expansion of technology and capabilities. 

NuVision is focused on collaboration over competition. That’s central to company culture.

Strategic partnerships are helping Baron and his company to have much richer relationships with members.

Fundamental changes are best in bite-size chunks. Trying to do everything at once is setting yourself up for failure. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why digital transformation is so closely linked to purpose
  • Implementing digital change in small, manageable stages
  • The role of teamwork and collaboration in digital transformation

How to Connect With Baron Conway

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