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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Building Better Internal Teams with Financial Collaboration (with John Jancles & Renee Newman)

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Brief Summary of Episode #153

It’s time to get over our fear of fintech in the finance space. 

And no, I don’t mean just accepting it enough to let it exist in the same space; it’s time to collaborate. Fintech isn’t here to take over, but if you’re not willing to grow with it, you’ll be left behind.

“Consumers are no longer banking the way they used to.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation. One of the impacts: The rise of fintechs.

Nudged towards a relationship due to the pandemic, many financial institutions are taking the leap and realizing right away just how beneficial fintech is to them. 

So if you’re looking to encourage collaboration for your own institution, there’s one way to accelerate the process — get internal teams on board.

We speak with two team members at Nymbus, Renee Newman, Industry Advisory Board Member, and John Janclaes, CUSO President, about collaborative efforts of businesses through the pandemic, how business leaders are adapting to the change, and strategies to bring your team on board. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Listening & collaboration’s impact on a positive employee experience
  • What’s keeping financial leaders up at night both positively & negatively
  • How purpose can act as a central theme for internal teams