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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Your Customers Are Human, Serve Their Emotional Needs (With Eric Berg)

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Brief Summary of Episode #77

You can have the fanciest digital tools at your fingertips, but if you don’t serve your customers’ humanity, you’re going to fail.

In the new financial landscape, EQ beats IQ every time.

My guest today, Eric Berg, Founder and CEO at Netgiver, is an expert at upping your emotional intelligence and helping you better serve your customers’ emotional needs.

One of the simplest ways he says you can serve your customers’ emotional needs:

Stand for something.

There is a myth in the financial sector that money is only rational.

Money is one of the most emotional components of a person’s life.

Customers today want to do business with companies with purpose — not cold, calculating, faceless corporations.

This is especially true of the younger generations that are increasingly making up a larger segment of your customer base, where over 75% align their values with the products and services they do business with.

There’s a reason why Patagonia, REI, and Chewy all have a loyal customer base — because they have purpose beyond mere transactions.

If you want to address the emotional needs of your customers, you should also center yourself around a shared affinity, a shared passion, and a shared purpose.

You should stand for something.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why financial brands need to focus on emotional needs
  • Why loyalty, trust, and affinity all stem from emotional connection
  • Why your brand must stand for something

How to Connect With Eric Berg

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