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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

4 Types of Attribution: Measuring Conversion & Acquisition

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Brief Summary of Episode #112

How can we improve the way our marketing measures and reports on customer acquisition using digital channels?

Financial sector professionals are on a digital growth journey into a brave new world. One of the most important elements of fintech today is marketing.

Marketing and sales teams have access to more customer data now than ever before - but how can you leverage this into stronger acquisitions?

There are 4 measurement models for correctly crediting your marketing channels:

  • First touch attribution
  • Last touch attribution
  • Linear attribution
  • Last non-direct click attribution

How do you spread the customer acquisition win over multiple marketing channels? The above measurement models will help you determine which channels have the most influence over the digital customer journey.

Traditionally-minded leadership teams might complain that “social media doesn’t drive sales and it doesn’t bring in direct conversions.” Don’t fall for this short-sighted thinking - it’s rooted in old school scattershot broadcast marketing where they were never quite sure what was working. 

Customers are on a much more complex journey these days, and interacting with blogs, videos, webinars, and the nearly limitless possibilities of online marketing. Lead your team with courage into the future by leveraging these exciting new fintech trends to expand acquisition for your brand.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The view of marketing as a cost center (or, worse, kids playing with crayons)
  • The 4 types of attribution
  • How to find your cost per acquisition