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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Facing Your Fears About Customer Experience Optimization During COVID (With Sue Woodard)

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Brief Summary of Episode #66

I have a challenge for you, dear friend and podcast listener. When was the last time that you stopped?

Stopped doing digital…

Stopped searching for the magic software...

Pressed pause on your marketing, sales, and leadership initiatives...

And started having conversations?

We get caught up in making transactions happen...

In completing our "to-do list..."

In sharing profound LinkedIn posts...

In doing more and more and more.

Maybe we need a "don't do" list. 

This might be the only way marketing, sales, and leadership teams can create the space and time to have powerful conversations that build relationships.

Building relationships — which ultimately builds trust — takes time.

Recently, I talked about this with Sue Woodard, Senior Advisor at the STRATMORE Group, a data-driven advisory firm in the mortgage industry.

Sue's a "yes person." She said yes to skydiving, Harley riding, and cage diving with sharks.

But Sue also believes in the power of NO.

She said to stop complicating everything, slow down, and take deliberate action.

What are the things you need to stop doing in order to create the space to do the things you should be doing?


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The time Sue went swimming with sharks and what she learned about life
  • What holds us back from optimizing customer experience 
  • Why you need to press "pause" on digital and have a face-to-face conversation

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