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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Building a Personal Brand Means Investing In Yourself (With Greg Martin)

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Brief Summary of Episode #70

You’ve heard the saying: There are riches in the niches.

Well, it’s true — especially when building a personal brand. 

Just ask Greg Martin, Chief Consultant at The Entrepreneur’s Banker and Commercial Banker at Truist, whose killer LinkedIn content has made him The Entrepreneur’s Banker. 

He and I discussed the secrets to personal branding — and 3 really stuck out to me: 

1. Find your niche. 

There’s a reason you’ll travel across the country to visit the best heart surgeon but won’t travel across town if your general practitioner moves. 

Your content is about delivering value and niches are more valuable. 

2. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing. 

If you are delivering value to your audience, especially in finance, you probably aren’t going to be too controversial. 

Take Greg, for instance: do you think he’s going to get fired for telling people to pay down debt? Yeah, probably not. 

3. Just start creating content already!

If you wait until everything is perfect, you’ll never get started. 

Building your brand is iterative, so don’t let perfect become the enemy of the good you can do. 

It takes sacrifice and investment in yourself, but it's one of the most powerful things you can do for your career. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The importance of delivering value and building a personal brand
  • Why it’s never about you — it’s about the hero (your customers)
  • How to get started with your personal brand

How to Connect With Greg Martin

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