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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

How to Keep a Positive Mindset During Dynamic Times (With Amy McGraw)

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Brief Summary of Episode #35

Doubt can destroy plans and goals. 

Fear will leave you dead in the water.

Stress will cause physical and emotional havoc.

Technology alone won't solve the problems doubt, fear, and stress create.

Many people put faith in big data to solve all the world's problems. But they don't think about the human context that has to be added.

As financial brand leaders, it's important that we maintain a positive mindset during times of chaos and crisis. We have to lead with courage because courage is contagious. If you show it, your team will show it.

Right now, your customers need your team to show courage. People are afraid. They don't know how they'll pay their bills when the money from the government runs out. They need courageous people in banks and credit unions to extend courage to them.

It's not hard. Believe in yourself and look to others who've been successful to help encourage you along your way.

Recently, I sat down with Amy McGraw, VP of Marketing and Chief Experience Officer at Tropical Financial Credit Union. We talked about keeping a positive mindset during dynamic times.

Amy spent years eliminating fear and building a courageous team. As part of that, she created Get Beyond Money.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Defining a purpose that transcends dollars and cents
  • Seven stages of transformation on the digital growth journey
  • Escaping the circle of chaos through a unifying idea
  • The one thing Amy recommends to all financial brand leaders

How to Connect With Amy McGraw