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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

People and Purpose (With Jonathan Clay)

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Brief Summary of Episode #50

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

How many times have you heard this as a reason not to implement some new process? 

It sounds good in theory, but have you stopped to consider that it might be terrible advice? 

So many big brands have crumbled because of an unwillingness to adapt. 

Borders. Kodak. Blockbuster. Toys “R” Us. 

Just to name a few. 

Change is an ongoing journey, and one that you’re never done with.

No company should ever be done innovating, adapting, growing, or implementing new processes or ways of operating. 

Jonathan Clay, a recent guest on the Banking on Digital Growth podcast, shared all about his team’s ongoing innovation journey. 

The key?

Their entire team views themselves not just as employees. Not as tellers, or loan officers, or branch managers. But as people dedicated to helping others so they can focus on their lives first. 

How do they do that?

By having a “why?” 

Every employee is required to have a “why” story. A reason they do what they do. 

And when you have a “why,” you are more likely to be willing to embrace change. To embrace innovation. Because you can see how it’s getting you to your “why.” 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why every team member is required to have a “What’s my why?” story.
  • How a brand-new process allowed them to close 74 additional loans, and why that process nearly came to a halt. 
  • How the “pre-app” process is allowing them to get to know their customers better than ever before. 
  • Why perfection is often the enemy of progress, and what Jonathan and his team are doing to combat that mindset.

How to Connect With Jonathan Clay