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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

212. Bringing People Along Through Purpose-Driven Change (with Frank Chisholm)

Brief Summary of Episode #212

Managing change can be a tough task.

Many financial services are constantly in flux, with new tech arriving on the scene at a rapid-fire pace.

We often must allow ourselves to be vulnerable for successful transformation to take hold.

That’s a tall order in an industry driven by left-brained leaders.

But by embracing purpose-driven values, we can bring others along in digital growth.

Frank Chisholm and the folks at Kindred Credit Union are doing just that. 

The Director of Brand and Marketing addressed his team’s emotional state during a significant brand change:

“We did regular pulse checks to see where our staff and our members were on the change. Were they feeling positive? Were they feeling benign to the change, or were they feeling negative?”

Fear of change and the unknown can have a devastating impact on an institution.

One out of every two leaders doesn’t consider the emotional impact that organizational change has on their team members.

Yet, the folks at Kindred made it clear that they cared about the effect their rebranding had on their employees and customers:

“If they were feeling negative, then we dug into that and figured out the root of that and addressed it.”

That’s digital transformation in action.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Purpose-driven values in financial services (2:51)
  • Managing exponential change on a personal and team level (13:46)
  • Being emotionally vulnerable in an analytical industry (18:52)

Notable Quotables to Share

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