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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Clearing the Obstacles to Digital Growth (With Sam Kilmer and Joe Welu)

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Brief Summary of Episode #61

Change feels unnatural. When we try to move someone into the future without giving them clarity about that future, they want to stay in the Cave of Complacency.

It's safe there.


But my call to action for financial brand marketing, sales, and leadership teams is to come out of the Cave of Complacency. 

Come out with courage.

Come out with confidence. 

We might not even have to drive them out of the cave. Maybe we can just ask them to look around at all the skeletons of those who failed to find the courage to transform their mindset. 

And mindset is critical.

Traditionally, one perspective drove sales and another drove marketing, but when you can unify both around a common purpose, that's a transformational experience.

We have to look at this in a new way.

It's not the sales doing this alone or the marketing team placing ads on billboards. Digital growth is about marketing and sales aligning around a new perspective, something that we call the growth team, that unites the two.

On this episode, I talked with Joe Welu, CEO of Total Expert, and Sam Kilmer, Senior Director at Cornerstone Advisors, about clearing the obstacles to digital growth.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The evolution of sales from a hard-sell to a learning-first model
  • What it means that we're moving into an expertise economy
  • When the size of your financial institution matters and when it doesn't