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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Why Exponential Technologies Demand Exponential Teamwork (With Dan Sullivan)

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Brief Summary of Episode #69

These days, technology advances exponentially.

If we only grow linearly, we’ll never harness its true power. 

Transformation isn’t about technology; it’s about people. 

And one way to transform your people is through exponential teamwork.

It’s a concept Dan Sullivan, Founder and President at Strategic Coach and author of over 30 books, including Who Not How, discovered early on in his career — and it has fueled his success ever since.

One way Dan learned to accelerate his teams as rapidly as technology demands came from an unlikely source:


Many see it as a character flaw — something to be ashamed of. 

Dan sees procrastination as wisdom. 

It’s a sign that he has a great goal — but one that is probably better suited for other people to achieve. 

Everyone sometimes needs help reaching their goals. 

So, try this: 

  1. Draw 2 circles, one inside the other
  2. Whatever your metric is — EBITDA, revenue — put it in the center with your highest historical score.
  3. The outer circle represents 10x that. 
  4. Fill in the space between the 2 circles with 5 examples of not what, but who can help you get there. 

We can achieve a lot on our own. 

But it’s only when we work together that we transform ourselves and the world.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The wisdom in procrastination
  • Exponential teamwork
  • Finding who to be a hero to

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