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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Your Newest Business Strategy: Loving Your People (With Mohammad Anwar)

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Brief Summary of Episode #74

I was greedy and arrogant, and I didn’t love my team.

My business was on the brink of destruction.

The *aha* moment came when I realized I needed to transform myself according to this principle: Love is my new business strategy.

Did that confession floor you? Mohammad Anwar, President & CEO of Softway and host of Love As a Business Strategy podcast, talked with me about his transformation.

Step 1: Leaders need to gain self-awareness

This will take introspection and feedback to realize how you are treating your people.

Step 2: Leaders need to develop a growth mindset

The growth mindset sees challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. It takes responsibility instead of parceling out blame.

Step 3: Leaders need to start serving

By putting the needs of others before your own…

By moving the people in your business to the center…

You will begin to transform your culture.

See, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Once you’ve built a culture of trust — of love — then the business outcomes will follow.

In just 3 years with love as a business strategy, Softway tripled its revenue with higher EBITDA and fewer employees.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • What love means in the workplace
  • Mohammad’s aha moment & ensuing self-awareness
  • Steps for leaders to transform their culture with love
  • The hardest and most important micro-commitment for a leader

How to Connect With Mohammad Anwar

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