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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Why Banking on Digital Growth is a Manifesto

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Brief Summary of Episode #15

Since my book came out, I keep hearing the same question.

Why call it a manifesto?

A manifesto is a public declaration of intent… 

I intend to transform financial brands’ strategic marketing everywhere. 

And it starts with the 3 people I wrote this book to help out. 

1. The financial brand marketer

This is someone who feels frustrated; they want to prove their value in the digital world, but they’re viewed as a cost center.

I wrote this to help them transform this perspective of marketing.

2. The financial brand sales team

Digital growth is the result of sales and marketing working together.

I wrote this to help them bridge the gap and align with their notorious rivals to drive digital growth. Together. 

3. The financial brand leader

Finally, I wrote this book for leadership. 

The truth of the matter is that without buy-in from the top down, any long-term organizational change will wither and die on the vine. 

The financial brand leader is often stuck, struggling to grow deposits beyond the physical world of the branch. 

And, I couldn’t have known when I started writing, but COVID-19 has shown why this is more important now than ever.

I wrote this manifesto for you.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why I chose to call my book a “manifesto”
  • The 3 people I wanted to help most
  • The 12 proclamations to guide your digital growth journey