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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Content is a Conversation: Digital Marketing for Financial Brands and Services (with Anna Wolf)

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Brief Summary of Episode #261

Every industry is buzzing about digital content marketing heading into 2023.

But as Anna Wolf, Owner and CEO of SuperScript Financial Marketing Agency pointed out, it feels like many financial services’ strategies are still stuck in 2012.

“People are still doing what they’ve been doing on social media for years without taking into account that these channels have changed drastically,” Anna said.

To be fair, financial brands and fintechs have more obstacles to overcome than other sectors.

“It’s not completely our fault,” Anna conceded. “We have to deal with more restrictions around the way we do marketing.”

However, as she pointed out, those legal obligations are merely a bump in the road - not an excuse.

Financial services have to do a better job of curating content that puts their audiences first rather than themselves.

“If you’re not spending a lot more time… making sure your content is going to land with your audience, they’re going to scroll right by it,” Anna said.

By growing with their target audiences, financial institutions and fintechs can apply new insights to help more people in these uncertain economic times. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why financial services are always a step behind in digital marketing (8:13)
  • Reexamining your long-term digital marketing play (15:47)  
  • The future of AI writing tools and their place in content marketing (24:18)

How to Connect With Anna Wolf

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