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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Optimize and Prioritize: Aligning Your Organization’s Digital Growth Initiatives (with Jennifer Poniatowski)

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Brief Summary of Episode #260

Every digital growth journey begins with a single step.

Three years ago, Jennifer Poniatowski, VP of Mortgage Sales at Credit Union 1, knew her team needed to start on the path to digital transformation.

“Our technology was very dated,” she said. “It was clunky. It was cumbersome, and not just for our members, but for our staff, as well.”

As Jennifer suggested in our interview, many mortgage lenders get stuck in a complacent reactive mindset. And that was the last thing she wanted for her team.

“We drew this roadmap and created a digital journey - not just for our borrowers, but for our teams as well.”

By optimizing their new digital tools, Jennifer helped set her fellow lenders up for future growth.

“We literally went from having the oldest technology… to introducing a whole new digital experience for our members,” she said.

By refusing to be stuck in the cave of complacency, Jennifer is moving forward on her digital growth journey with courage and confidence. 

Your financial brand can do the same.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • A hands-on approach to investing in the employee experience (5:12)
  • Rolling out their partnership with Total Expert’s CRM platform (12:28)
  • A proactive strategy of future growth through optimization (26:04)

How to Connect With Jennifer Poniatowski

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