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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Honoring the Unknown: Insights from an FCU President (with Devon Lyon)

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Brief Summary of Episode #226

Every digital growth journey begins with a small step forward.

Devin Lyon, president and CEO at Central One Federal Credit Union, thinks that step can be as simple as listening to podcasts outside your wheelhouse.

“Take 20 to 30 minutes, find a topic you don’t think you have any interest in, and find a podcast and listen to it,” Devon recommends.

You'll carry those listening skills into the office by forcing yourself to engage in extracurricular subject matter — and that can be a powerful driver of change, not only in you, but also for your financial brand.

“If you can condition yourself to listen to something that might not be up your alley, you will take that behavior into every meeting,” Devon told us.

Devon’s passion comes through as he shares what he’s learned on his journey to empower customers and his team members.

When we commit to putting the transformation of people over the transactions of dollars and cents, that is exponential growth.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Coaching on a macro level in the financial industry (10:19)
  • Respecting the unknown when managing your team (15:52)
  • How emotions play into traditional financial services (23:28)

How to Connect With Devon Lyon

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