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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Standing Out: Differentiate Your Financial Brand. Effectively.


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Brief Summary of Episode #308

In the latest episode of Banking On Digital Growth, we explore the strategies and tactics to differentiate your brand with marketing and advertising.

In a rapidly changing and growing industry, what are people truly looking for when it comes to being sold? Is it information? Are there better offers? More options?

We’re quickly realizing it's much simpler than that. People just want help.

With 60% of millennials looking for their financial brand to be a partner who helps to guide them towards a brighter future, you HAVE to be different.

Most brands and services check the boxes, fill in the blanks, fulfill the service, and move on.

But when you truly look at how you can help your customer whether, through content that educates and empowers or even being a guide to help identify what journey they even want to be on, you begin to establish a real relationship.

As I have said before, “If it makes an emotional connection with them, you've made a positive deposit into the trust fund that sits between their ears.”


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How establishing a culture around truly helping is one of the most effective places to start (3:48)
  • Why actually reducing choices for your customer may yield better results (6:12)
  • Finally, how to become a “guide” in your customer's process and not another salesperson (12:16)