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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

233. How to Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank (with Allison Netzer)

Brief Summary of Episode #233

Our environment is a reflection of our brand - personal or otherwise.

If we really want to experience transformation, we must be willing to transform our environment.

Unfortunately, many financial institutions are struggling with branding. As a result, their marketing and products don’t meet customer demand.

Where do FIs start in fixing their branding problem?

As Allison Netzer, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at NYMBUS and coauthor of Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank, pointed out, it starts with mindset.

“It’s a discipline, right?” Allison said. “Any way of thinking - any way of being and doing - is a discipline.”

Sometimes, businesses try to reinvent the wheel when rebranding. But as Allison told us, they don’t need to start from zero.

“It can be tempting when you’re thinking about a change to take a blank sheet approach,” she said.

So, what’s the key to a successful rebrand?

“It’s not being contrary for the purpose of being contrary,” Allison argued. “It’s being intentional in realizing you already have a lot of raw materials. Take that and make powerful combinations.”

In other words: think like a brand, not a bank.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Data trends in financial services branding (6:25)
  • Why a disciplined branding mindset matters (12:32)
  • How financial brands can navigate tension with confidence (23:32)

Notable Quotables to Share

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