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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

How to Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank - Part Two (with Allison Netzer)

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Brief Summary of Episode #234

Many FIs and fintech continue to throw new products at customers in a losing effort to bolster their brands.

But customers aren’t loyal to products. 

They’re loyal to brands.

Allison Netzer posed a thought-provoking question in part two of our conversation.

“What if your mission was your product?” Allison proposed.

The Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at NYMBUS believes selling a consumable mission statement can push financial service brands to the next level.

“It allows you to build momentum. It allows you to build community,” Allison said. “Those are things that are intrinsic to brand-first thinking.”

So what opportunities would that mindset present?

“Mission as a product allows you to cast a really important and effective net exactly where you want to cast it,” Allison told us.

Please join us as we continue our wonderful dialogue with Allison in exploring her book Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How financial brands can “queue the remix” by recycling old ideas (3:55
  • Making your mission statement your product (14:40)
  • The WeightWatchers and Microsoft brand transformations (24:50)

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