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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Looking Back at 200 Reasons to Bank on the Future and Build Your Personal Brand

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Brief Summary of Episode #200

What is good for you?

Over the last two years, I’ve opened each show's episode by asking our guests to celebrate positive current events in their lives - both personal and professional.

We’ve had the privilege of learning and transforming with so many remarkable people since we launched this show in May 2020.

Now, our team at the Digital Growth Institute is thrilled to celebrate our 200th episode of the Banking on Digital Growth podcast.

It’s been an incredible journey connecting with brilliant guests willing to help educate and empower others burdened by financial stress.

We remain committed to bringing our listeners engaging content in the pursuit of building financially healthy communities - because banking is about people

By investing in others through positive communication and collaboration, we can guide each other in our digital transformation.

For this celebratory episode, I hop in the DeLorean and revisit eight incredible conversations I’ve had around building your personal brand with some of the leading minds in the industry.

Please join me to hear valuable insight from Paul Long, Natalie Bartholomew, Greg Martin, Jennifer Beeston, Doug Wilber, Jay Palter, Kerry-Ann Betton Stimpson, and Eric Cook.

Each of these leaders banks on their expertise to help build a future that we can all bank on.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Taking a proactive stance in relationship building while continuing to market [9:40]
  • What we can learn from Gary Vaynerchuk in creating our own personal brands — even when working in a regulated industry [17:05]
  • How to start building your personal brand even when the listeners and viewers aren’t showing up. [20:08]