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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Collaborative Banking: Fintech & Financial Institutions Finding Common Ground (with Landon Glenn)

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Brief Summary of Episode #313

This week we sat down with Landon Glenn, CEO and founder of Asa Technologies and the driver of the conversation happened to be collaborative banking.

In the past, when someone mentioned collaboration between Fintech and financial institutions, both sides would have flinched.

That said in the currently advancing digital world collaboration is no longer a choice.

When I asked Landon what he thought was the biggest opportunity not just for financial institutions but fintech as well coming in the future, his response was pretty eye-opening.

“I think that the opportunities for both sides are different, but they fit together perfectly,” he says.

As he breaks down how the weaknesses and strengths of each industry complement each other almost perfectly it becomes abundantly clear collaboration is a necessity.

The question then becomes how do we get there?

Can we set aside our differences and find a solution that not only benefits the industry as a whole but our end users as well?

As Landon mentioned, "fintechs are here to stay and 88% of Americans are using FinTech today,” whether you're welcoming of them or not is up to you.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • What collaborative banking is & what the future looks like (6:44)
  • How working together can provide true success (14:14)
  • What transformations are happening in the industry now (19:48)