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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Beyond Commoditization: Elevating the Human-Digital Experiences

There’s a pressing need for financial brands to maintain individuality while navigating the digital journey and customer experience. To address these challenges, organizations need to utilize behavioral economics to craft meaningful customer experiences and adopt a 'yes and' mindset to move from product-based sales to a more human-centric approach.

In this episode of the Digital Growth Journeys series, Josh Cook, CEO of  Community Choice Credit Union, shares several unconventional strategies his organization has implemented, such as personalized interactions, digital promotions, and leveraging sponsorships to increase awareness and membership. They’ll also cover the importance of balancing digital and in-person experiences and embracing change to achieve exponential growth.

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Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Challenging the Status Quo in Financial Marketing (06:11)
  • Redefining Financial Services Through Human Connection (18:27)
  • Rethinking Media Buying and Advertising (25:36)