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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Study the Switch: What Inspires Consumers to Change Behaviors? (with Derik Sutton)

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Brief Summary of Episode #256

Customer surveys have become the go-to marketing tactic in translating consumer behavior.

But any number of outliers can influence a customer’s decision to switch their brand loyalty.

Humans can make irrational decisions. And if a customer chooses to dump one financial brand for another, even a well-structured survey can leave a mysterious void behind the “why.”

That’s why Derik Sutton, CMO at Autobooks, says financial brand leaders need to listen to their clients to understand their behavior.

“Share stories. How many people are you talking to?” Derik asked. “How many people are then listening to that and seeing themselves in that story?”

By talking to your customers, you can bridge the emotional gap and understand what really drives their decision-making.

And that process begins with training your employees to share those stories.

“Proximity creates empathy,” Derik added. “So, you have to gain proximity to your employees first… Work with them to gain proximity to the customers you serve.”

Through real conversations, financial brands and fintechs can influence their customers to walk a path free of financial stress.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The four forces in play behind switches in customer behavior (7:10)
  • How digital evangelists can influence your consumers (18:52)
  • Bridging empathy for you customers through proximity (29:23)

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